Storage Tips

To make your use of your space a smooth and pleasant experience, we have some helpful tips you may wish to keep in mind so your goods will be stored better, and you will be happier using our storage center.

  1. Your rent is due each month on or before the date stated on the contract. It is expressly understood and agreed that the owner is not required to send out invoices or make reminder phone calls.
  2. Please inform us prior to your vacating your storage in order to have your current address in our records so we can mail your deposit back. We need a 2 week notice of move out. Rent is not prorated.
  3. We are by contract and by law not responsible for any loss or pilferage from your occupied space. We recommend insurance to cover the value of your goods. Keeping an inventory may also be helpful.
  4. For computers, do not use loose fill foam packing peanuts.  This material could generate static electricity that could damage circuit boards.
  5. Do not store food items.
  6. Defrost freezers and leave doors to refrigerators and freezers open.
  7. Seal all boxes with packing tape and label the contents of your containers.
  8. It is not advisable to store pianos or art objects in un-climate controlled environments. Humidity can damage furniture. Use fabric rather than plastic to cover.
  9. Wrap mattresses or box springs with plastic covers, drop cloths or paper. Do not set directly on the floor or lean agains the wall.
  10. Use boxes, plastic bags, or clothing bags for storing clothing.
  11. To minimize potential water damage, place boxes and furniture on wooden pallets. (Pallets are available if needed. Please ask our office)
  12. To retard rusting of exposed metal, use a light coat of oil.
  13. Although rodents are usually not a problem, we do suggest using poison, traps, dryer fabric sheets or moth balls as an extra preventative measure.
  14. When storing an automobile, place cardboard under rear end and under engine for any fluid leaks.
  15. Leave walk spaces between rows of stacked boxes for easy access.